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Psycho-Masochism and What It’s All About

Summing up my own experiences, the opinions of other individuals in this category, and some studied works in psychology, I dare to state that psycho-masochism is a condition of a person with abnormally heightened sensitivity, whose emotions and mood undergo sharp fluctuations, often in a cyclical manner (dependent on the alternating change of diametrically opposite mood phases).

In other words, a psycho-masochist is someone who, to maintain a positive balance, needs to experience intense psychological shocks and emotions. When such artificial relief of tension and the release of negative emotions don’t occur, a person gradually slips into depression and then slowly emerges from it into a peak of emotional activity, repeating the cycle.

The connection between psycho-masochism and masochism: Psycho-masochists seek to alleviate psychological tension, but unlike traditional masochists, they do not focus on physical pain. For them, the key point is the psychological process rather than the physiological one. In their case, achieving a state of subspace and endorphin intoxication is not the ultimate goal but rather the concluding phase of psychological relaxation.

The pinnacle of experience for psycho-masochists involves both physical and psychological breakdowns, crossing the pain threshold, and even strong emotional outbursts. One psycho-masochist I remember vividly said, “In these sessions, the main thing for me is to cry and feel miserable.”

The connection between psycho-masochism and submission: Since traditional masochism is often associated with physical pain, and most psycho-masochists do not have a strong interest in physical pain (as no one has explored it), they can still find satisfaction in the role of a submissive. However, their inclination lies more in psychological dominance, in the clear identification of themselves as the “bottom.” Interestingly, they can be psycho-masochists but not necessarily submissives.

Understanding psycho-masochism: For psycho-masochists, the desire is to experience psychological stress, breakdowns, and emotional pain. They are not seeking submission but rather the experience of this process. These sensations allow them to maintain their emotional balance and avoid sinking into depression. Their feelings swing like a pendulum – from joy to deep sorrow.

It’s important to remember that psycho-masochists seek to enrich their inner world and balance their emotions. Interactions with them can be complex, and for Tops, it requires special attention and an understanding of their unique needs.