A Friend’s Influence: How a Photo Shoot Revived My Passion for Photography

In this article, I want to talk about my love for photography, how it all began, and where it has led me. My story is connected to my time in college. During my first year, I joined the “Short Film Club,” but unfortunately, it didn’t last long – just a little over a year. Only four of us from our group, including myself, worked together during that time. After the first year, we decided to continue the club ourselves during the summer, creating our own projects. During that period, I focused more on video editing and 3D graphics.

Now, let’s get to the main point of my story – the introduction of photography into my life. It all started when I borrowed a mirrorless camera from a friend and spent three days capturing everything around me. From that moment on, I knew I wanted to pursue photography and learn this art. The second year was significant for me – I managed to save up for half of a camera, and my parents helped with the rest, allowing me to purchase my first Canon 1000D. Since then, I have been completely immersed in photography, photo editing, and finding my own style. I was particularly drawn to photographing portraits and people’s eyes.

However, my photography journey experienced a temporary hiatus when I entered the army, and for a year, I was far from everything I loved. Upon returning home, I felt lost and unsure of what to do. I had no clear understanding of my desires and goals. But thanks to my friend Ana, everything changed. She invited me to a group photoshoot in an abandoned church. On a whim, I brought my camera along, and it proved to be the right decision. At some point, I decided to capture “behind the scenes” moments and work with models. In the process, I realized that photography was like oxygen, something I had been missing for the three years since returning from the army.

As a result, I rekindled my passion for photography, which led me to a new job, interesting acquaintances, and new friends. Thank you for your attention, dear friend!

My very first work, and I, is behind the process of photographing them: