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From Small Sets to Millennium Falcon: My Lego Journey

I want to talk about my first hobby and my love for constructors. And of course, it all started with Lego. I think I was around 7 or 8 years old when my grandfather brought a small castle for me from his business trip to Moscow. That’s when I fell in love with it after the first assembly.

Unfortunately, it was not sold in our city, but my parents managed to find rare sets for me. I particularly remember a Lego set purchased from a flea market, which had a bunch of different mechanisms, gears, and other technical parts. My imagination ran wild, and I began creating various vehicles, cranes, and technical gadgets to complement the existing kits, like a lifting bridge for the castle. In total, I had around 6 or 7 castles and many other smaller sets.

Later, the Bionicle series was released, and I bought some of those sets myself when I was older. But then, I got introduced to the Star Wars universe, and my enthusiasm soared. It was a delight to see sets based on my favorite universe, although they were not readily available in our country and were quite expensive when they were. So, I could only afford smaller sets at that time, but something is always better than nothing.

Now, however, I can finally afford what I couldn’t as a child. I am especially grateful to Terefur, who gave me a Millennium Falcon Lego set for New Year’s. It’s not an official Lego set, but I am not that much of a fanatic about original sets. And a big thank you to AliExpress, where I purchase figurines of characters from different, yet beloved universes.