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My Journey into BDSM: Discovering Sweet Pleasure and Psychological Dominance

As a photographer, my fascination with BDSM and journey into the world of kink began back in 2016, after my return from the army. It may seem surprising, but my interest in psychology from my college years paved the way for this exploration. During my time in the military, I stumbled upon an intriguing article about “subspace” and its unique characteristics, which ignited my curiosity about altered states of mind and how to induce them. That’s when the world of BDSM captivated me, and I must admit, I am immensely glad it did. Thanks to this journey, I have encountered extraordinary individuals who now hold a special place in my life. I have diversified my creative endeavors and witnessed a profound shift in my perspective on the world and myself.

Until 2021, I primarily identified as a dominant figure, engaging in meaningful relationships with four submissive partners. I also attended several themed parties, exploring the captivating art of shibari both as a photographer, capturing its aesthetic beauty, and as a sadist, seeking to evoke emotions and sensations through my lens. Psychological domination, public play, spanking, and wax play have also piqued my interest, while I have chosen to abstain from blood play, coprophilia, and a few other taboos.

However, the events of 2021 and the upheavals of 2022 profoundly affected my mental well-being, leading me to question and reevaluate my role in the BDSM community. In search of solace and a quieter realm, I gradually embraced a new perspective, positioning myself as a submissive rather than a dominant. This journey of self-discovery in the realm of BDSM has opened my eyes to a whole new world, painted in bolder and more vibrant hues. I owe a debt of gratitude to Makatsuge, my first Mistress, who introduced me to the intoxicating realm of sweet pain, and kindled within me a profound appreciation for strap-on and female domination.

As I write this article, I believe that with time, I will rediscover my spirit and confidently embrace the diverse world of BDSM as a Switch, capturing its beauty and essence through my lens.

And so, after writing this post, I’ve come to the decision that I want to share even more in my blog. I’m eager to share my rich experiences, captivating stories, amazing impressions, and valuable insights that I’ve accumulated over these years. As a photographer and an active participant in the world of BDSM, I find myself in a unique position to offer my readers exciting tales and introduce them to this extraordinary realm from a fresh and intriguing perspective. I warmly welcome everyone to join me on this exhilarating journey through my blog, where we’ll explore new facets of art, passion, and daring discoveries. Let my words and images be your guide to this thrilling world, where beauty and meaning entwine in a mesmerizing dance. So, come on in and join me on this adventure as we uncover the mysteries and pleasures of this extraordinary life.